About Ben

Hi my name is Ben and I am a Private Tour Guide , I am from Kuala Lumpur and I offer excursions that are with a memorable travel experience from the treasures trove of Malaysia’s uniquely diversity. Let me take you through, “the road less traveled” to show you the natural and cultural splendor with always an element of mystery to my tours.

– Explore centuries of old charm and architectural wonders.

– Engage with colorful cultures/extraordinary traditions/handicrafts.

– Experience the natural beauty of verdant rainforests and exotic wildlife.

With the opportunity to work with diverse groups during my employment, combining both the experiences from the Non-Profit and Profit organizations, in a cross-cultural environment raising my awareness of the increasing interdependence in a global environment. My tours emphasis on enriching your personal experience, uniting conservation and communities rich bio-cultural diversity and environmental awareness through my interpretation.

The tours are direct and personal, whether you are bringing along your children or treating your parents, I enjoy guiding family groups as well as creating an unforgettable memory.

The vast majority of my tours are a day in length which enables us to cover a lot of ground without feeling rushed. I have also a customised tour that takes you around the West of the Peninsular.

Hope to see you in Malaysia soon.


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  1. hi ben.nice to see the tours u are offering and the great feedback of the many who had trips with u.i am a travel enthusiast/tour guide too from the philippines and i would love to see the elephants in malaysia.may i know how much u are charging for us 3(me my friend and my sister to have a trip with u to kuala gandha elephant sanctuary? wewill be coming around 1stweek of march.
    u can reach me at bethq910@gmail.com
    thank you!

    • Hi Beth,

      Thank you for your query, yes I would gladly take you for the Elephant Sanctuary tour, may I know the actual planned date in March.

      Warm regards,


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