11 day West-Peninsular Malaysia – Overland Tour

Posted on April 1, 2012


Private guided tour of Peninsular Malaysia (approx. 2700km), the tours offers the opportunity for you to enjoy the colors beyond what you can imagine and feel the mysteries of cultures and practices for yourself. My trip will invite you to travel back in time while visiting the ancient historical sites, exchange knowledge about ways of life, or spend time in the forest for a better understanding about our relationship with the natural world.

  • Day 1-3 – Melaka, a historical state listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Portuguese and Dutch influence where several tipping points in Malaysia history and culture took place;

  • Day 3-5 –  Kuala Lumpur, familiar sight of the “Twin Towers” and explore the differences of two prominent cultures in one of the busiest areas, Little India and China Town;


  • Day 5-7 – Taman Negara Negara National Park, the oldest national park in Malaysia is the home of some rare mammals;

  • Day 7-9 – Cameron Highlands, a colonial expedition with temperate climate and tranquil gardens. Places of visit includes: Tea plantation, Vegetable farm, Indigenous village, hiking through montane rain forest.

  • Day 9-11 – Penang Island, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage with its unique architectural and cultural town-scape.
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