Past & Traditional Arts

Posted on March 31, 2012


Batik painting: enjoy hand wax drawing and colouring batik by turning a piece of white cloth into an exquisite piece of batik, with guidance by batik expert.



Rewinding back 150 years: Travel in time to 1850s to see where a large migrant from southern province of China first came to Malaya Peninsular to seek their fortunes in Tin Mining. The muddy river mouth where Kuala Lumpur obtained its name from the confluence of the Klang River and Gombak River.

School of Hard Knocks: a unique pewtersmith workshop offers a hands-on experience with just a few simple tools (hammer, mallet, wooden mould and scraper). You will be guided through the processes of forming, scraping, polishing and packing by experienced pewtersmith to craft your own pewter dish. The finished dish, engraved with your initials or a personal message, is yours to keep along with your “apprentice pewtersmith” apron aamand a personalised certificate to attest to your newfound skills.

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